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Mrs Noreen

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Department Mission statement

We strive to encourage our students to study Urdu as a majority of the school’s pupils are of South Asian descent. This gives students more awareness of their culture and access to much Islamic texts, as Urdu is a widely used platform for the spreading of Islamic history and Shar’iah. The students’ understanding of the Qu’ran/hadiths is also increased through the course content. Urdu is compulsory for said students at KS3; at the end of KS3, the students are entered for GCSE Urdu. Students will gain qualifications from AQA, encompassing the four main skill areas practiced in all MFLs: speaking, listening, reading and writing. Students can gain/strengthen bilingualism which is appealing to potential colleges/universities and employers in today’s world.

Key Stage 3:

ART – Currently at Key Stage 3 pupils develop their understanding of the art & design process. They research & explore starting points for their work and develop a personal response to projects. They investigate working methods & broadened their skills in using materials & techniques. Students become confident in being creative using their imagination, experimenting with different materials, analyse their work, media and the technical processes art and design offers. They will have a cultural understanding, exploring visual, tactile qualities of their own and other artists/craft people. DT – they learn about the design process, joining and combining systems, mechanics and structures coupled with the process art has to offer. Art KS3, 1 lesson per week for years 7, 8 and 9. DT 1 lesson per week year 8

Key Stage 4:        

Students have 3 lessons per week in Urdu during KS3. In these lessons, students will have the opportunity to expand their speaking/listening/reading/writing skills through the AQA curriculum. Main topics that we cover, according to the AQA specification, are Lifestyle (Health, Relationships and choices), Leisure (Free time and Media, Holidays), Home and environment (Home and local area, Environment) and Work and education (School/college and future plans).

Extra curricular activities

he Urdu department offers help to students in need of extra support during lunchtime on Fridays. Students are provided with one-to-one assistance during these sessions.

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