Pupils Development

The pastoral system at MIHSG is in place to provide the students with the best in spiritual, cultural, moral and social care.  The school day begins with a dua, as is the tradition of the Prophet Muhammad (saw).  Students also recite dua’s at the end of lessons and at the end of the school day.  The remembrance of Allah and His message is a key part of daily life at MIHSG.

During their time at MIHSG students will find ample opportunities to experience different cultures and activities.  Including cross-curricular day, extra-curricular day where students can partake in: sports; blogging; photography; cooking; jewellery making and much more.  Students also have the opportunity to attend Makkah and Madina with an annual Umrah trip as well as other subject related trips.

Starting a new school, even a friendly one like ours, can be daunting and there may be occasions when you need advice or just someone to listen to you. MIHSG provides a very supportive pastoral system. Each student has a form tutor who sees the form tutor twice a day and who has primary responsibility for the student’s welfare, academic progress and personal development. Form tutors are supported by Heads of Year. The Heads of Year role is key to the Pastoral care to the school. They have regular contact with parents regarding issues and concerns in the school and retain an oversight of the academic, social welfare of pupils through regular contact with Form Tutors and subject teachers.

A good school is an extension of the family; MIHSG has positive atmosphere with strong sense of community throughout the school. Its programme for social and personal development that places great emphasis on good conduct and manners, respect for one another and care for the environment and property support this.

MIHSG recognizes and affirms the uniqueness of the individual. The school works closely with all parents at all stages of their daughters development in order to identify any particular needs at the earliest opportunity. These may include areas where extra help is required or where a student shows a special aptitude that requires additional challenges or extra tuition to develop their understanding to the full.

Students are placed in registration groups according to their year group.  You can find the details of the year groups below.  Should you have any concerns or queries with regards to the school or your daughters progress, your daughters form tutor is your first port of call.  In addition, we also have a Head of Year for each year group who oversees the progress that your daughter is making.  Students have the same Head of Year throughout their time at MIHSG, this allows them to build relationships with the teacher and also allows the teacher to get to know each student on a personal level.

Head of Pastoral – Mrs E Smart

Year 7

Head of Year – Ms S Hughes

7 Barakah – Mrs K Griffin/Mrs F Barbash

7 Hasanah – Mrs M Vorajee/Miss S Shaikh

Year 8

Head of Year – Mrs C Drinkwater

8 Jenan – Mrs K Farakh/Mrs M Mahmood

8 Salsabeel – Mr M Elbey

Year 9

Head of Year – Ms B Hockwart

9 Afnan – Mrs A Suleiman

9 Ihsan – Miss A Malik/Mrs N Malek

Year 10

Head of Year – Ms B Hockwart

10 Firdous – Mrs T Vadiya/Mrs A Hussain

10 Taqwa – Mrs J Heathcote/Mrs S Noreen

Year 11

Head of Year – Miss S Campbell

11 Rayaan – Mrs C Pennington/Mrs S Malek

11 ZamZam – Ms H Appleton/Mrs N Imtiaz

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