Teachers Name:

Mrs C Pennnington

BSC Hons, PGCE, Manchester



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Department Mission statement

You must be the change you wish to see in the world.
Mahatma Gandhi

Key Stage 3:


Pupils practice the skills of map reading, presenting data in graphic and verbal form, interpretation of photographs and data, and enquiry skills.

Topics include

Creation of physical landforms by rivers, sea and tectonic activity.

Human settlement, resources, sustainability, world development.


Pupils practise the skills of comprehension, communication, comparison, inference, analysis, evaluation  while studying history

Topics include:

First World War, Islamic History, Historical investigation, Medieval England, Tudor and Stuart, Industrial Revolution, British Colonial history,  the Second World War

Lessons per week:

Pupils in Year’s 7 and 9 have two lessons per week.

Pupils in Year 8 have two lessons per week.

Key Stage 4:

GCSE Geography  EDXCEL A

We use the same skills as at KS3 with more emphasis on enquiry and presenting data.

Three topics are studied, Challenges to the Planet which is looking at climate change.  The Physical World which is the creation of landforms by rivers, sea and tectonic activity.  The Human environment where we investigate changes to patterns of settlement, sustainability and the world of work.

Lessons per week:

As an option subject, pupils benefit from 3 lessons per week.

Geography explores the world we live in and therefore is excellent preparation for a number of careers, ie law, urban planning, tourism, business, politics and journalism

GCSE History AQA B Modern History

We use the same skills as in Key Stage 3 with particular emphasis on evaluation and analysis

We study the causes and effects of the First War, Treaty of Versailles and League of Nations, Modern America, Russia and Women’s Place in Society, Elizabeth 1, Health and People, Conflict and Famish 1918 – 1939.

Lessons per week:

As an option subject, pupils benefit from 3 lessons per week.

History is widely respected for its academic rigour. Excellent preparations for careers in law, business, politics, journalism.

Extra curricular activities or opportunities for KS5:

Geography and History combined field trips to Styal Mill, Manchester People’s Museum and Tatton Park

French and History trip to First World War sites.

Geography KS4 visits to Blackpool and Castleton

The department at KS5 offers a course in AS General studies in partnership with Loreto College.  The course structure covers what the specification calls the social, humanities and science domains.  Its breadth allows students studying mainly science based subjects to keep up with social and humanities subjects.  During this course pupils have attended theatre performances, visited the Houses of Parliament and the Scottish Parliament.

Outstanding achievements:

For many years the department has taken the lead in supporting Year 9 to deliver the annual cross-curricular day.  A country is chosen and Y9 explore all its aspects ie history, culture, politics.

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