Admissions Policy


When completing the Common Application Form (CAF), received from your Local Education Authority it is not necessary to list MIHSG as one of your choices, as we an independent school. As the school cannot guarantee a place, it is very important that you also apply for other schools in your area.

The school receives a huge volume of application forms, for 50 places that are available in Year 7. Parents should be aware that places are not guaranteed and are on the basis of your daughters entrance exam results and an interview with the Head teacher.

Students are not allocated places under the distance criteria. In this way a chance of being educated at MIHSG is still offered to pupils who may live further afield and in neighboring local authority areas.

Siblings at any of the three schools run by Manchester Islamic Educational Trust are given priority .i.e. Manchester Muslim Preparatory School and Kassim Darwish Grammar School for Boys. Siblings are considered to be full brother or sister who will be living permanently with them at the same address.

Reserve List The school will hold a waiting list for applicants who have been successful in the assessment process, but have not been offered place. If a place becomes available, places will be allocated from this reserve list that has been vacated and strictly in order of the admissions criteria

Parents wishing to admit their daughters at MIHSG in others year groups (8 10) should follow the standard application process and complete a registration form. Year 10 admissions only take place in Autumn term only, in exceptional circumstances we would offer places during the year. MIHSG does not admit pupils in Year 11.

Parents/ guardians can appeal for any refused application. Parents need to appeal in writing to Mrs M Mohamed (Head Teacher)

The school has an admission policy which is follow by Manchester Islamic Education Trust.

The admission policy can be downloaded from here.

Should you require a registration form or any further information with regards to admissions, please do not hesitate to contact the school at or you can click on the following link to download a registration form.

Registration Form


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Manchester Islamic High School for Girls,
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